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Upon our state-of-the-art approaches we provide Extreme Efficiency to a number of companies across sectors - crucially, whether SMEs or listed - through a proprietary platform, built from scratch. This solves laser-focused pains and interconnects them up to a NextGen ERP.

Note that most of the technology described below (mind you, we have more) ticks 9 of the 20 most relevant fields from 2024 onwards envisioned by Y-Combinator - one of the most influential accelerators on Earth. Ticking one is promising. Ticking nine is just nonsense. And having shared it with the world ahead of time throughout our papers... well beyond expectations. We certainly proud ourselves from being able to help researchers and clients all around the world. Please, also note, for full disclosure, that we remain bootstrapped and fully independent - no external investors.

A centre of excellence (CoE) is at the core of all we do. This is, our heart is deep tech innovation.

The theoretical analyses from the CoE become a reality in 41OPS. We solve fast deep pains from a number of sectors.

Hybrid platforms upon federation

As more theory is evolved by the CoE and proved in the real world by 41OPS the Group remains delivering impactful innovation in the world.

As 41OPS keeps solving pains across departments it is projecting the company onto its NextGen ERP.

- Neural 41®: backend for algorithmic-native platforms (AI-driven, built from scratch and sector agnostic). Fedtech-driven towards maximal intelligence from minimal servers. Transparency and control by design.
- Neural CTO 41®: algorithmic strategies that take control of the resilience of the infrastructure.
- Algoera 41®: algorithmic strategies that orchestrate the usage of the infrastructure towards reliable and fast calculations.
- EPA 41®: infrastructure ecosystem plugged to the existing legacies.
- SLAs 41®: on-platform management of the different dimensions that cover the SLA spectrum.
- EffiData 41®: laser-focused self-service data to avoid expensive, not-green servers. Includes IP-free data scraping.
- SeeThrough 41®: architecture real-time self-drawing.

Big data · data models · lab · algorithmic infrastructure · fedtech · SLAs · CTO


- AlphaDyn 41®: NextGen portfolio management.
- Fractal 41®: State-of-the-art algorithmic trading.
- NextGen CFO 41®: treasury stock management linked to communication through digital agents; markets-driven boards; and economic scenarios.
- MicroViews 41®: gathers expectations from the workforce to augment the machine beyond mere science.
- Context 41®: takes CDS information along with news in order to flag the context of the database's patterns.
- OTC-Insights 41®: decision enhancement based on non-market assets (e.g. real estate and cars) data.

*All, software to create strategies. We can further create them for our clients and eventually, even manage their money. Always, IP-protected by design -database and models remain isolated at the client.

Asset management · algorithmic trading · CFO · neobanks · crypto exchanges


- SmartProc 41®: adaptive procurement.
- SysLoad 41®: systematic orchestration of the warehouse employees towards receiving and loading inputs into boxes of different qualities and those boxes onto trucks.
- Predictio 41®: accuracy improvement in the demand and supply prediction.
- CRM 41®: recommender of next best product (NBP) and client (NBC).
- GoTo 41®: recommender for call-centers to optimise resources' routes on-the-fly.
- SmartMaintenance 41®: predict and alert on optimal maintenance practices.
- SmartFootprint 41®: ensure an optimal digital footprint strategy is in place, robust to new search engines.

Marketing · warehouse systematisation · truck loading · procurement purchase insights · inputs demand prediction · output demand influence (direct or indirect)


- Systacks 41®: systematic attacks upon ad-hoc algorithmic strategies defined by the user.
- Sysfence 41®: systematic and timely defense strategies based on algorithmic trading technology.
- Noise 41®: systematic changes of protocols, encryption and obfuscation ("the hacker is inside").
- SmartAx 41®: advanced strategies towards controlling data access.
- MicroBlue 41®: smart agent that watches the server and takes in-situ actions.
- Avatar 41®: understanding of users as reinforcement learning techniques to audit behaviors.

Red team · blue team · anti-phishing · IP (intellectual property) protection · mutable communication protocols


- CulturePills 41®: ensure the culture of the company is robustly transmitted across generations ("embrace rotation").
- LearningPills 41®: ensure an employee learns from past errors and those learnings are transmitted across employees.
- Control&Comply 41®: ensure compliance is met by design and employees deliver what they are supposed to. Timely measures' control and reporting (inc. voice). Warnings as notifications.
- Brace 41®: project management at its best.
- Nergies 41®: synergies exploitation by design across technology projects.
- FlyIdeas 41®: avoid the pain of unstructured pipelines due to off-platform dynamics (info in meeting, notebooks...)
- TurboBoost 41®: learning-adaptive OCR to read documents with robust quality and high efficiency.
- TurboTeach 41®: ad-hoc courses and insightful learning from users to understand biases and complexities by design. 

Culture · reporting · compliance · education · project management


- NextGen ERP 41®: algorithmic-native technology that runs the whole company so that all departments are smartly interconnected.

ERP · enterprise glue (interconnected departments) · AI enterprises


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