· sw as a working place ·

SW's founders took a step forward and created the company they wanted to work for

"It had to be realistically-fun, team-oriented, impact-focused and run by mentors instead of managers."

Marta Díez-Fernández, Co-Founder

SW is very restrictive at hiring as it aims at being an example itself of its technology capabilities. 

SW's culture inherits from the investment industry - its incentives scheme leverages increasingly aggressive bonus. Further, the team can use the whole stack of technology to invest its savings along with the founders - just as hedge funds do but restricted to those areas that are not conflicting with our clients. 

· SW FUNd ® ·

What if you were a retail investor armed with hedge fund technology?

SW puts its money where its mouth is. That's its best guarantee to investment clients. And it means that it constantly has a significant part of its budget in the market trying to test the latest pieces of software. It is an obvious best practice that allows constantly stripping down any hidden operational risk

Here is where SW also tries some of the most aggressive experiments of the industry, upon the combination of its own latest advances. Hence, even when an employee enters an external project for a client that is not bleeding edge, there are always complementary internal projects that can feed her curiosity while following SW's own agenda of trading innovation.

Further, while SW moves tech from exploration to exploitation, FUNd ® can become a significant source of income, just as that for the most advanced hedge fund employees.

A large part of the bonus accrued in 2020 was actually paid taking partial profits from its investments during COVID.


The difference between following bosses or mentors

Marta Díez-Fernández

Sergio Álvarez-Teleña


We aim at keeping the team as tight as possible as we want to prove the value of Augmented Machines and we want to have more tech per employee than any of our peers.



The average age of the team is below 30. SW is also inclusive in terms of age - it values any talent eager to thrive professionally.



The team's ethics goes beyond boundaries. IP is sacred - both SW's and SW's clients.


Diversified background

The overlap of degree backgrounds on average is minimal: from computer scientists, physicists, mathematicians and engineers to biologists and economists.


Women in tech

There is no gender bias either. During 2020, 2/3 of the hires were women. That doesn't mean we give more opportunities to women either - ours are just as good as our men.

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