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SW FRACTAL ® is a solution for investment experts by, crucially, investment experts


SW surged after one of its founders built the first cross-asset algorithmic trading desk of the sell-side. His responsibilities included the algorithmization of several business lines whose vendors were far from optimal for this new stage. His mission thereon has been to help other senior managers accomplish the same level of digital impact.


Smooth govern of new tasks

Cut clean orchestration of roles for a seamless transformation - traders, portfolio managers, data scientists, IT managers and risk managers. Smooth transition: investor centric (full control), algorithmic enhanced. A natural path includes heuristic rules from the expert that then leverage the technology and Machine Learning to gradually improve results and build out competitive advantages.


Laser focus on strategies flexibility

Customizable and increasingly complex strategies are the core of the whole platform design and, as such, one of SW's major advantages. Strategies are exactly the same at both research level and on-production, hence their optimization becomes a native process.


Strategies design is tricky

Backtest requires an advanced Lab. Most Labs require a continuous adaption of the code to deal with the differences between synchronous and asynchronous data. Backtest paper-trading-like misses crucial reaction from the markets. Reaction based on theoretical simulation becomes naïve and difficult to interpret. Simulation through VR-like approaches, becomes a core piece. SW, has been the first agent to disclose this new paradigm.


Synergies towards exponential

A major target for SW is to reach freedom for its clients. SW detaches its clients strategies from their market access providers so that they can centralize algorithmic advances. This way, they can recycle code (faster advances) and switch across market access providers in the (often regulatory required) seek of best costs or of new features. This way, clients further keep their own IP efforts away from any third party.


Transparency is king

Transparency gives the user not only the confidence on transformation by clearly understanding how her strategy has been implemented but also to take full control. Furthermore, it becomes crucial to let regulatory supervisors decide when a push of the frontier can be granted.


Audits are not an option

SW incorporates a native way to allow a whole new breed of algorithmic audits in a seamless way, even upon black-boxes. This is especially useful when the traders do not want their code to be disclosed or when it is simply an impossible task. Else, operational, market and model risks can be naïvely disregarded. SW, has been the first agent to disclose this new paradigm.


Encryption protects IP

SW has extensive experience innovating cyber security at tier one banks and it uses it to make sure information leakage is minimized outside and inside a firm. 


Hybrid IP yet no dependencies

SW is marketplace-ready to grant that not only can its clients use SW's signals/IP on top of theirs but also those of third parties. Unless a company has the budget to hire and rotate bleeding-edge talent it better partners up with other agents that account for punctual competitive advantages.


Hybrid SaaS surpasses on-premise

SW FRACTAL ® is cloud-native and cloud-agnostic. SW's CEP (Complex Event Processing) network of micro services combines them all along with its clients’ servers. It can include those of third parties for those pieces of code and/or data that cannot be shared.


Open source is the present

SW is Python-native overall but it can leverage C++, Java, Go, etc for a number of nodes that require specific performance.

In the limit, SW already accounts for a strategic partnership to explore and exploit the limits of performance along with an early quantum computing startup: Quantum Mads.


Latency sensitive strategies are not really trading

For those keen on deploying latency-sensitive strategies, SW's CEP network can be adapted by reducing the algorithmic flexibility and improving algorithmic hardware performance. Further, the limits of performance, Quantum Computing, are already being researched by SW's founding members. 


A portfolio is not just a handful of names

Portfolio management going forward will not only refer to instruments but, crucially, to intraday strategies. The whole span will have to be orchestrated holistically, in an autonomous way, and abiding by the overall mandate’s limits around allocation. SW, has been the first agent to unveil this new paradigm.


Whose basics pivot upon the following

Overview of SW's CEP network

Easily tailored to our clients' challenges not only for production but, crucial to start with, for the most advanced POCs available in the industry.

SW often partners up with its clients to provide ambitious POCs before large budgets are committed. On one hand, the most advanced strategies are not cheap and neither are the consequences of digital transformation. And on the other, too basic strategies' POCs are not truly proof of anything, really. So, before starting an ambitious trip that can erode the company, SW offers the possibility to use all of its advances at a fraction of the cost. E.g.: Would a core change as setting up a Central Risk Book (CRB) fit naturally in the client? 


Easy to plug & play at the bleeding-edge of Algorithmic Finance whether from the ground up or upon existing market access infrastructure

Easy plug & play towards the bleeding-edge in Algorithmic Finance


SW's time horizons of state-of-the-art SaaS have ranged between 10 days and 10 weeks, dependent on the client's urgency and its cyber security requirements

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