· the fast track towards algorithmization ·

Fighting the hype by understanding the basics.

Zoom-out, it all makes sense

Often, we are so deep into the rabbit hole that we can't see the elephant in the room.
Our seminars with the C-suite at a myriad of companies of all sizes typically abound on the following series of pills:


[Vol. 1]

The order, the overall relationship across current hypes.


[Vol. 2]

Applied science is not science, and science applied is not applied science.


[Vol. 3]

Time for underdogs to take over.


[Vol. 4]

About the controversial lack of impact from Digital.


[Vol. 5]

Big techs are more efficient than you... yet not smarter.


[Vol. 6]

The rabbit hole and the elephant in the room.


[Vol. 7]

A.I. is not I. because it is bounded by our own I.

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