Because going hybrid is the only way forward


There are all sorts of reasons to go hybrid. First, often our clients do not have the capacity nor the flexibility required to internally create, and keep evolving at the right pace, a holistically smart platform. It took us years of resilient vision and development to create ours. And it will never be finished. 

As a result, in order to compete in an algorithmic world, companies will have to literally integrate themselves more systematically open to other agents.

This is, they need to create intelligence cross-agents. Second, the platform has to natively protect the IP of each agent aboard; third, it has to be as cyber secure by design as possible; fourth, it has to be robust to leavers (i.e. to "embrace rotation"); fifth, it has accommodate the possibility to change providers; sixth, it has to be robust to failures from providers; seventh, it needs to be business expert-friendly (non-coders); eighth, it has to keep up with regulatory changes (auditability is key and we are, once more, pioneers there); ninth, it has to be flexible yet fast enough; tenth, it has to give rise to algorithms as green as possible...

We can do all of it. And more... Nevertheless, our unique platform for Federated Algorithmics by design is nowadays SW's flagship. The award that we received at CogX as Best Innovation in Simulation towards auditing algorithms as black-boxes was built precisely upon it.


When the creation of intelligence cross-agents includes direct competitors, for instance, the orchestration of the on-platform federated protocol upon a blockchain becomes a natural use case for the emerging technology. Such a minor tweak of the platform allows benefiting each blockchain participant from the analysis of (and reaction to) cross-industry patterns. We have been asked to lead Alastria's Federated Algorithmics across sectorials.


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