We start from the basics. And, if possible, we help you evolve further towards your frontier


We typically start from on-premise projects that are both standard yet tailor made - we don't simply use data science libraries "as-is". Once we get to know the idiosyncracy of our client, and based on our experience with advanced data science, data engineering and RPA, we we often add a new layer of value-add to the project so that new products and services can be unlocked.

At times, we also create on-premise instances of our platform, obfuscated and simpler, that help the client tactically advance towards timely impact. Ideally, we set up in parallel a basic version of our on-cloud platform so that clients get gradually trained and the tactical approach does not compromise the strategic one.


Given our capacity to create bespoke software in record time, there is always a client that challenges us to provide a complex and bespoke POC so that they can substitute a core-and-expensive industry provider.

When that is the case, we protect our IP through the delivery of the final product as-a-service, typically across clouds.

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